Client Story

17th July 2019

As a single father of three children, time and energy have always been at a premium. A few years ago I started showing symptoms of having anxiety and depression, which gradually chipped away at my ability to perform well at work. I eventually lost my job due to this and have been struggling to cope with the unrelenting nature of bills, school fees etc.  When this became overbearing I enlisted the help of a social worker, who advised that they could help with things like a foodbank voucher. It makes one of the myriad worries a little easier, which allows me to concert my efforts on rebuilding other facets of my life. Thank you.

Please explain how you felt when you came to Slough Foodbank: Nervous, ashamed, embarrassed

How were you greeted and helped when you first came in? Everyone was warm and welcoming

Is there anything we could more, or better, for you? Not at all – this is a gtreat service, which, when my situation allows – would like to volunteer for.

What would you have done without help from Slough Foodbank? Shopping would be virtually impossible.

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