The community pulling together and responding to urgent need 

7th June 2020

Late on Friday afternoon, we received an email asking for help for a young lady who had been placed in Slough, having fled from domestic violence. The referring agency informed us that this lady had left with absolutely nothing. She had no food, nothing to eat it on or with, not even bedding.


One of our volunteers was finishing packing food parcels at our warehouse and stayed on later to pack a specialised food parcel considering the lady’s needs and lack of facilities.  Our manager donated the kettle from the office and raided the crockery and cutlery cupboard.


We didn’t have any blankets but we had 2 bath towels that we’d brought in for clients at Martin Conway temporary accommodation properties.  We were going to give her these to use in lieu of blankets. However, at that moment, Malcolm from the London and Slough Run arrived to collect a box of eggs we had, that he could use for his homeless hotel residents’ breakfast. Our Manager mentioned what she was doing and he was able to donate 2 blankets and a sleeping bag. This really is a story of the Community working together to help those in crisis. God is good.

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