Feedback from a referral agency

20th July 2020

Our Manager, Sue Sibany-King received this feedback from one of the referral agencies this week.

“Your service has been a life line to many of the women we have supported, and they have always been met with compassion and non-judgement each time they have visited as we ourselves shave witnessed,  It’s been lovely to be offered a cup of tea and the whole experience is made humane and as stress free as possible.  Thank you too for everything you do – I wish you, your team and your (self-less) service all the very best for the future.”

It’s so lovely to hear this feedback. Sadly, at the moment we are unable to offer clients a cup of tea due to our Covid-19 procedures. However, we have been able to continue to provide a 3-day food parcel to those who are referred to us in food crisis and we are hugely thankful to our volunteers for enabling us to do this.

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