The annual Tesco Food Collection

12th December 2018

The amazing amount of 3082.2 kgs, of food and basic household and toiletry items, was donated across the 3 day collection. Our warehouse team are working hard to sort it and turn it around to our distribution centres at this very busy time.

3 tonnes of food would supply 8806 meals.

In addition we received £ 454.92 in cash donations.

Tesco very kindly give us a cash top-up of 20% (of the value of a bulk kilo of donations). This will be a huge help to our funding.

We are very grateful to the many volunteers, individuals and corporate groups, who helped us to achieve all this. Also to the Tesco store, manager and staff, who helped us to have a very successful 3 days.

We would also like to say a massive THANK YOU to all those shoppers who so generously donated to help us to ensure that no-one in our area needs to go hungry or without the basics that we all expect.

Thank you.

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