Coronavirus: As always our aim is to get food parcels to those in need

16th March 2020

In light of the Coronavirus we have considered the numerous sources of information and advice which is changing daily.

AIM: As always our aim is to get food parcels to those in need.

We will endeavour to maintain normal service for as long as possible depending upon advice from government and health sources, availability of volunteers and food supplies.

We been approached by numerous local organisations who are dependent upon us to support their service users and who want to work, and keep in close contact, with us. It is highly likely that we will see increased demand for food and less donations and are taking all necessary steps to prepare for that.

We also have plans in place to ensure clients who are self-isolating are able to receive food via non-contact means. With less volunteers available, we certainly can’t do home deliveries. Instead, we are encouraging these people to send representatives or contact their referral agency if they have no one to help.

As we are receiving less donations and there is scarcity in the shops for many of the items that make up a food parcel – we would be really grateful for your monetary donations which enable us to source food online when required.

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