Artistic support from Shailen and Nayan

4th May 2020

Slough Foodbank are tremendously grateful to two brothers Shailen (age  5) and Nayan (age 10).  Who raised an amazing £620 for Slough Foodbank.
The boys had initially drawn lots of pictures and were going to send them to NHS Nightingale as part of an online campaign which turned out not to be official.


The boys were talking about a fundraising idea with their mum as they felt they wanted to contribute to the local community, Nayan then said “what about selling our pictures for charity”.  So they held a live auction on Facebook. Thanks to the overwhelming support of their family & friends the donations came rolling in.  The boys showed each picture via a video they made and then the boys presented each picture one at a time and tracked the bids.


Some friends even donated without purchasing the artwork, so the boys made some bubble paint thank you cards in return.


Slough Foodbank Manager, Sue Sibany-King said:
“We were so impressed with this fabulous idea.  We love to work with members of the local community and especially to encourage children to learn and practise compassion and fairness for all. Our sincere thanks goes to these wonderful boys who showed a fabulous sense of community spirit. They should be very proud.”  

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