Crowdfunder Covid-19 crisis appeal raised £14,502

4th June 2020

We are completely overwhelmed by the support shown to Slough Foodbank by our local community.

We set-up a Crowdfunder Covid-19 Crisis appeal and in 68 days it raised £14,502 with 252 supporters.

Many of the supporters were anonymous or individuals and we would like to send our sincere thanks to each and everyone of you. We would like to make a special mention to the ‘Rowing marathon’ team for their efforts.

In addition we would like to extend our thanks to The Slough Observer who ran a couple of articles about Slough Foodbank and our activities during this pandemic. We are thankful to them for highlighting our cause and their readers for their support.

We have also been incredibly touched by the comments left alongside donations which have been a real encouragement to Slough Foodbank and our dedicated volunteers. A few of the comments are provided below.

Thank you for your care, time and bravery

Thank you for looking after vulnerable people of Slough

Slough food bank helps people who have no where else to go. Please help them

You are providing a fantastic service at risk to yourselves. You have my admiration and support

Thank you everyone for your wonderful selfless work

You’re doing a vital job, especially so at this time. Carry on, and my good wishes are with you.

I love and respect the work you do none stop, throughout the year, come what may. Thank you.

I am out of work but Humanity is the top priority for me. I am contributing in different forms for different organisations at present and would contribute for our Slough from my savings

Praying a blessing on everyone who is working to keep those in need fed. God Bless

Slough Foodbank Manager, Sue Sibany-King commented: “Wow, yet again the community from Slough has stepped-up to help those less fortunate than themselves. The amount raised is staggering and we are so humbled and a little emotional at the wonderful comments of encouragement.  We have experienced a huge increase in the number of people we are helping week by week and unfortunately this need is likely to continue as the effects of Covid-19 continue to impact those who are already vulnerable and living in poverty, relying on benefits and facing huge financial hardships. We will be able to continue to get food and basic toiletries to people who need it most. Thank you to everyone of you who has supported us.”

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