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Foodbank e-vouchers

Our foodbank works using a e-voucher referral system. Find out more about how we work.

We know that anyone can find themselves at crisis point for a number of different reasons.

In order to provide the most appropriate help for the circumstances of your situation we work with local agencies. If they feel you are struggling to put food on the table, they will issue you with an electronic voucher. 

How to get a voucher
Our foodbank works with 200+ different agencies, if you’re not sure who to get referred by, here are some suggestions:

  • If you have a child – Your child’s school, health visitor or social worker
  • Your doctor, nurse or GP receptionist ​
  • If you are homeless or in temporary accommodation – ask your housing officer, or homeless department
  • If you belong to a church – you can ask your church leader
  • Slough Borough Council Debt and Welfare team 
  • If you live in Bucks – contact the Buckinghamshire Council Helping Hand Team on 01296 531151 or via their website where you can fill out their online form.

When you visit or speak with a referral agency, they will take some basic details from you to complete the online voucher. The referral agency issue an electronic voucher on your behalf which is sent directly to us at Slough Foodbank. We then know the information to prepare the food parcel. You then turn up at the agreed distribution centre (see visiting a foodbank or locations for more details) where you give your details and you will be provided with a nutritious, emergency 3-day food parcel. Please remember to bring strong carrier bags or shopping trolley bag. There is no need for you to email or print anything.

If you are a referral agency and would like to become a registered voucher holder for our foodbank, please contact us to find out more.


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